Michael Chandler  – “Speaking as a CP +90mins airtime:
A day with Alistair has doubled my airtime, quadrupled my knowledge and increased my confidence tenfold. With so many new pointers and so much previously learnt stuff reinforced, today has been a big step in bridging that gap from CP qualification to entering the club scene confidently.
Alistair’s calm teaching style, quietly correcting mistakes and always accentuating the positives, was a pleasure to benefit from. As a result I, inter alia, learnt new techniques for launching in stronger conditions then, for the first time, broke away from the ridge and thermalled repeatedly to over 2500ft.
Alistair I could write reams here about how much you helped me to improve but it’s clear that the bush telegraph will work rapidly in your favour and I, for one, will soon be back for more.
Looking forward to hearing about your first guided holidays, count me in please.”

Mark Willison – “CP+15hrs and I explained to Ali that I had the ambition of going vol biv when I first started the sport. He tailored the guiding to that goal and concentrated on helping me understand the limits of what I can fly in and on perfecting top landings and slope landings. This was followed by a further day of good XC advice and strategies and perfecting high wind launch techniques. This all culminated a couple of days later in my first ever XC which was a 25km flight!
In addition to the actual guiding I constantly pester him for advice and he kindly obliges with answers – excellent service on the day and excellent post-guiding service! Highly recommended.”