Pilot Development Academy and Refresher Training

As well as offering EP and CP training, we also offer development training up to Pilot Rating and Cross Country Fly Guiding for qualified pilots. This training is also useful to pilots who have had a break from the sport and would like guidance before going back into the wild on their own.

The BHPA Pilot Development Structure

As a member of the academy, you will be able to join us whenever we are ground handling, or running CP training days, as well as specific Pilot Training or XC Days.

You’ll receive:

Instruction and Mentoring to Pilot Level and Beyond

Access to our ground handling sessions

Weekly Academy Zoom Meetings

Preferential rates on kit

First choice on UK and Overseas trips

Detailed weather briefings and appropriate flying tasks on days we’re out

Pilot theory sessions on Air Law, Meteorology and Flight Theory/Instruments

Being an academy member will allow you to complete your pilot tasks safely, working through the Pilot Development Structure and with the aim of understanding the practical application of these tasks in the real world.

You’ll also be welcome to attend our theory sessions on Air Law, Meteorology and Flight Theory/Instruments. We’ll even organize and invigilate your pilot exam.

All our training within the academy is completely customised to what you need or want, following an initial conversation with our instructional team. You’ll be expected to be a BHPA member and fly your own equipment, which we can of course provide.

The cost of the Pilot Development Academy is £50 per month.

There’s no contract, or obligation to stay in the academy.

If you only require some refresher training up to CP level, or a shorter period of time with us, this is also available for £150 per day. If you’re not an autonomous CP, we will need to get you to that standard before you join the academy.

Email: alistair.andrews@hotmail.co.uk