Learn to Fly!

Learning to fly a paraglider is an incredibly rewarding and exhilarating experience! Our team of instructors, led by former Search and Rescue pilot Alistair Andrews will safely guide you through your training, following the BHPA syllabus. This will enable you to gain an internationally recognised qualification and you’ll be trained in every aspect of flying in British conditions, including top landings and reverse launching. You’ll leave the school as an independent pilot, ready to join a club and enjoy a lifetime of Free Flight experience.

The Courses

The Day Taster – Available as a gift, or for those who’d like to dip their feet in the sport, the day taster will start the Elementary Pilot syllabus and give you a flavour of things to come. The cost will be deducted from an EP course if you continue with your training – £150*

The Elementary Pilot Course – You will learn to ground handle, take off and land the paraglider, whilst completing simple flight plans. You’ll also do some basic ground school and a short, multiple choice exam. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to conduct simple, short flights and be ready to go on to the Club Pilot Course. This course is the foundation of the sport. – £500*

The Club Pilot Course – This course will turn you from a pilot who can fly short flights in light wind into one that can fly for hours at a time, in a variety of conditions. You’ll become very proficient at reverse launching, soaring, landing where you took off from and will learn the emergency drills necessary to start a solo flying career. You will leave the school as an independent, competent and confident pilot, ready to join a club. – £650*

The UK/Hill Conversion – A bespoke course for students trained overseas with a CP (Hill) rating but without top landings or reverse launch skills. It’s also for those who have only trained on a winch who already hold a CP (Tow). The UK Conversion course will prepare you for flying in stronger wind, reverse launching, top landing and understanding the technicalities of UK wind and weather. The course usually takes two days, but may take longer. You’ll leave the school ready to tackle UK hill sites and join a club. – £150/day

Call Alistair on 07575280508 or email us for more information:

*You’ll need to be a BHPA member in order to undergo training with us. This membership entitles you to all the benefits that trained pilots receive, including 3rd party insurance of £5 million. The current costs are day £22, three month trial £67 and annual £126, plus a £22 joining fee.