100km Flight from Corndon Hill – Starting at 4pm!

27 Apr

The goal of many people who’ve contacted me with interest in Team Evol Paragliding guiding is the possibility of a 100km flight. Yesterday I went to Corndon Hill in Shropshire with the aim of flying just past home to Cwmbran. When we arrived it was howling, cold and with the occasional flurry of hail! Patiently we waited it out and over time the sky improved to the point where we had blue sky, a Cu base of 5500ft and a cloud street almost all the way to goal. Taking off at five to four, I was in goal under three hours later using an amazingly active sky to get there. The cloud street had taken me over 80km and left me with an 18km final glide at 10:1 – fortune favoured me under grey skies late in the evening and I made it home with 300ft to spare and a huge smile on my face. It looks like there will be opportunities to push personal bests next week so get in touch if you’d like to join the team for a guided XC adventure!